how graceluk can ______________ be?

hello, my name is

grace luk

Send me an email if you are looking for...

graphic designs in logo, business card, letterhead, complimentary card,

advertisement, poster, greeting card, flyer, ...

drawings and illustrations in animals, especially my cats, people, still life, landscape, storyboard,...

photos in still life, landscape, special themes, snap shots,...

Please also check:

the kul picks calendar and see what’s happening in town,

where are the exhibitions and

when are the design/ art competition deadlines are.

research papers at about graceluk as well.

And, videos under “designs

let me know if you’d like to have a tailor-made PowerPoint or video presentation.

What Else?

I got my talent from Dad, Tim, who is working hard in his drawings at all times.

I have just put some of his drawings at the page workshop under artjamming.

Follow him at his blog.

Watch Prof. Charles Fusi at the launching of his theory,

the FUSIAN THEORY - Intelligence Possibility Frontier (IPF).

Please go to videos and click to view the highlights of his presentation.


NEW kul card collection

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Selected Group Exhibition in 2015

Contact me or for my recent work

I Have Hip Dysplasia poster

I Have Hip Dysplasia

digital on paper, 8 1/2x11

$10 plus handling and shipping


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