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artist, designer, illustrator, photographer, critic, educator, planner.

Critic on Cultural: a case study of Shatin Plaza

走邊評 --

2006 藝術評論發展計劃:


Identity and

Interior Design:

Home As Identity


Solo Exhibition

2001: Dream and Reality, Café Palette, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013: Unbounded Visual Arts Members Exhibit, Harvard Allston Education Portal, Allston, MA, USA

2013: Arts in Sports, RCAB Staff Art Exhibit, Braintree, MA, USA

2012: Kick Off, RCAB Staff Art Exhibit, Braintree, MA, USA

2005: Artubs, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2004: Artubs, GOD, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

2001-2002: Color | Me | Mad, Club 64, Central, Hong Kong

Look At Management Through Toyota Recall Incident


Comparative Urbanization and Planning

How can we sustain street level activities within a community?


“We Njangi, Do You?”

Published at

The Pilot, 2014